FAQ: Breeders

Is there a breeder discount?

Yes. If you have 5 or more breeding females, we will process your registrations and transfers of ownership for only $5.00. Select PRO Services on our Register Menu.  If we receive an animal’s application or transfer along with an application for a litter by that animal, there is no charge at all for registration or transfer. Litter registrations are $10, regardless of the number of puppies.

Is there a special discount when registering my entire kennel?

Yes. Our Kennel Credit program allows for a one-time registration of an entire kennel. You pay the usual breeder fee of $5.00 per animal to register them, and you are given a credit in our system equal to the total amount spent. This credit may be applied to future litter registrations.  Please call us to set up Kennel Credit.

Can I register a litter online?

Yes. Select PRO Services from our Register menu, then select PRO Litter Registration.

How do I register a litter if the sire and/or dam are not yet registered with United?

You can upload parents' papers from other registries while filling out our PRO Litter Registration. Or, if you prefer, you can fax or email them to us separately. You can also print our Printable Litter Application Form from this website and either mail or fax it to us along with ownership certificates for the animals that are not yet registered with United. The sire/dam will be registered for free with the litter if you qualify for our breeder rates (otherwise, they are $20. each). 

Will United dual-register animals from any other registry?

If the animal has a registration paper or application from a registry that maintains a system of requirements, ethics and business practices that give the customer a high degree of assurance that the animal is the stated breed, we will accept their paperwork. The registry should have a source other than itself from which genealogical information is readily available. If we can, we will build a full pedigree of the animal from the data provided, using stud books. If we can only complete a pedigree by purchasing information elsewhere, we will research the cost and call you to offer that option. If we cannot complete the pedigree, we will register the animal and its litters on our Import and Rare Breed Division. To dual-register, go to our PRO Services and use our Breeding Stock registration form.  Or you can print out our printable Dual Registration Form and fax, email or mail it with a copy of the animal’s certificate or application, along with any professionally prepared pedigree information that you have, and the appropriate fee.

Can I register a dog and its litter if I don’t have a pedigree for it?

If your sire or dam is registered with another acceptable registry but all you know is the name of its sire and dam, we will register this dog and its litter in our Import and Rare Breed Division. This division is used for purebred animals that have ancestors with another association but have limited pedigree information available because a) their registry service has discontinued publishing stud books or b) it does not make pedigrees readily available or c) it does not publish pedigrees.

How long does it take to get my offspring papers back?

We normally complete litter orders within 5 working days. Call us if you need your order rushed and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Can I fax my United registration applications and transfers?

If the registration date on your animal or litter paper is September 2007 or more recent, you can fax or email it to us or upload it to our Breeding Stock registration form. Transfers or initial registrations of UABR animals with registration dates prior to September 2007 must be MAILED to our office as we will need the original document in our files before we can issue your new certificate. In 2007 we upgraded our computer systems to accommodate copies of applications.

Can I register my United animals online?

Yes!  Select PRO Services in the Register menu and then our Breeding Stock registration.  You won’t have to mail in the original blue paper, as long as it was issued after September 2007.

Are papers from United All Breed widely accepted?

Yes. Ours are the only applications in the world that display 4 generations of pedigree at no extra cost. Though we are not as well known yet as the AKC in all areas of the country, our documents are well-respected everywhere they go, which now includes parts of Canada and Mexico as well as most U.S. markets.

Is there a breeder discount on microchips?

Yes. Check out our bulk discounts on Homeward Bound Pet microchips - as low as $5 per chip! 

Does United inspect my facilities?

No. That is the job of the USDA. If you qualify to be a Gold Label Pets breeder (requiring an annual inspection by a veterinarian) we will print this certification on each puppy paper issued for your kennel.

Are health certifications or DNA testing required to register a litter?

No. Both are optional. Health certification of breeding stock is important. For that reason we publish various health certifications on your animals’ certificates when the information is provided to us, at no extra charge. It will appear on the papers of offspring produced by that animal as well. While this is not required, it is valuable to the prospective pet owner. Get the form for your vet to fill out here.  As for DNA, we only require samples of hair from dogs that champion in our sanctioned shows.

What records do I have to keep for United?

We require accurate records of the birthdate of the litter and number of surviving males and females, as well as name of sire and dam. We provide you with a Litter Record form, so that you can keep track of each individual puppy or kitten name, the address of buyer, the number of its microchip, color and markings, etc. We require that you complete and file this form on each litter, or otherwise record the same information in your own system.

Is a supplemental transfer form available?

Yes. Our Supplemental Transfer form is on the Forms page of this site, or you can request one to be mailed, faxed or emailed to you from our office.  If you obtained an animal without the proper transfer from the prior owner(s), this form can substitute if signed by prior owner(s).

Do I have to put my credit card number on my faxed applications?

No. If you are faxing our printable forms, you can provide the card number to us over the telephone. 

Can I register a litter produced by a mix of two different breeds?

Not in our regular Blue Ribbon Division. But, yes, we have a special Designer Dog Division for litters that are purposely bred from parents or ancestors of different breeds. The goal is to produce offspring with genetic diversity and desirable traits from both breeds. Both parents must be registered with United. The puppy applications will show up to 3 generations of pedigree and the different breed names are prominent throughout the pedigree.

Can I register dogs I have imported from another country?

Yes. We will need to see a copy of the printed Export Pedigree that is typically sent with the dog AND we will need a copy of a sale document proving that you legally obtained the dog, if your name is not pre-printed on the export paper by the seller.

How do I get on the UABR Breeders Facebook Group?

First you need to have a free Facebook account.  Then do a Facebook search for UABR Breeeders and our group will come up in the search results.  Click the button to Join.  Our group moderator will make you a member or message you about your request.