FAQ: Pet Owners

What is the difference between United All Breed Registry and other animal registries?

The main difference between registries is the quality and variety of services offered.  We are the only registry in the U.S. that publishes an animal’s pedigree (up to 4 generations) on its application, before it is even registered to an owner. We believe that the price paid to register an animal includes the cost of researching that animal’s pedigree, so that information does not belong to us. It is of most use to the prospective pet buyer, so we put it on the animal’s application, and then repeat it on the completed registration certificate.

To better meet the needs of our customers, we also offer special divisions for the registration of purebred felines (United Feline Association), offspring of two different purebred dog breeds (United Designer Dog Division), rare breeds and canines certified by another registry that do not have pedigrees available (Import and Rare Breed Division) and even ownership certificates for pets for which proof of breed is not attainable (United Pet Records).  To see a preview of our unique paperwork, have a look at our Puppy Application,  Animal Certificate.

Can a pet registered with United also be registered at another registry?

Yes. Your pet can be dual-registered at as many registries and associations as you like. Most other registries honor our pedigrees, but to be certain that your animal can be dual-registered, please inquire at the registry in question.

Can I register my other pets with United as well?

If your animals have registration certificates or applications issued by another reliable registry, you can upload a copy of their current paper on any of our Pet Registration Options and we will be happy to dual-register them in whichever division is appropriate. If the animal is unregistered, we can offer you an ownership certificate (no pedigree) with our United Pet Records division. If you prefer to use fax, email or mail, go to Printable Forms in the footer of the homepage and fill out one of our Dual Registration forms.

How do I register offspring from my United pet?

Select the Register menu on the homepage and fill out the appropriate form. If the sire (father) or dam (mother) need to be registered, you can upload their paperwork onto the litter registration.  If you prefer to fax, email or mail the application, go to Printable Forms in the footer of the homepage, download our printable Litter Application and follow the directions on it.  The fee is $10 for the litter registration (any number of pups/kittens) and $20. each for the registration of sire and/or dam, if necessary. If you have 5 or more breeding females, our discounted rates may apply; see our PRO Services section.  You will receive an application for each puppy/kitten, which should be given to the new owners at the time of sale. You will also receive a Litter Record form; please use this to keep a record of the name and address of each new owner, any microchips inserted in the puppies/kittens and other pertinent information about each animal.

Can I fax, email or mail my application to register?

Yes, you can. Please write the litter number on the back side, fill the form out completely and send both sides with your credit card information.  Our fax number is 888-580-7656.  Our email is

Can I register my pet online?

Yes!  Use either of the options on this site for Pet Registration options.  Just fill in the online form,  and your certificate will be mailed to you.  If your pet doesn't have a United paper, you can upload whatever you have while filling out the registration online.

How long will it take to get my certificate?

Usually you will receive your certificate within 4-6 weeks. If you need it rushed, please call our office and we will do our best to meet your needs. If you have a litter to register with it, we will process it within 5 working days.

Will I get my animal's pedigree back?

Yes, your completed certificate will include all of the pedigree information you see on the application.

I lost my original application. Can I still register my pet?

If you retained a copy of both sides, or can obtain the necessary information from the seller’s records, we should be able to register your pet. We may also need to see proof of purchase (bill of sale, purchase agreement or similar document). If applicable, we may also need a vet to scan the dog’s microchip number and sign a statement that this number is correct. Please contact our office if your original has been lost and we do our best to help you.

Can I show my United-registered dog at AKC shows?

If you have purchased a purebred dog that cannot be registered with the AKC, it may be accepted into certain events under their Indefinite Listing Privilege. An ILP dog may be accepted into Agility Trials, Earthdog Trials, Junior Showmanship, Obedience Trials, etc. For further information, contact AKC, PO Box 37933, Raleigh NC 27627-7933.

How does United verify that my pet's pedigree is correct?

While we cannot witness every mating that occurs, we do require that anyone registering a litter with us comply with our Breeder Code of Ethics and sign a statement that the information provided to us is valid and not misleading. We revoke registration privileges if we find that a breeder has provided us with erroneous or misleading information. When we are given the names of a sire and dam for a litter, we build the remainder of the pedigree ourselves, using AKC studbooks and other reliable sources of published information.

What do I do if I have a problem with my pet?

Your first step is to seek a resolution with the person or business from whom you purchased the animal. A quality breeder or retailer will sell animals with a health guarantee and a return/refund policy. Please also notify us of the nature of the problem. If your pet is not yet registered, we will need to know the breed and litter number in order to locate the record in our files. We and our breeders appreciate feedback that could improve the quality of the animals being produced, and we certainly want to know if a breeder has been misrepresenting information on their applications to us. When a complaint comes to our attention, we send a formal notice to the breeder and, if necessary, will red-flag their files in our system. We can revoke privileges of breeders that are not in compliance with our regulations and Code of Ethics. Our liability, however, is limited to the correction of erroneous information or the refunding of registration fees.

How do I add health information to my pet's certificate?

Have your veterinarian fill out our Health Certification form. We will add this information to your pet’s permanent record at no extra charge. It will appear on their new certificate, as well as on the applications of any offspring they produce.  You can also upload the completed Health Certification to any of our online registration options, using the Additional Pedigree Info upload button.