Microchip Registration Only

Your pet's microchip won't help when he's lost unless it is registered to you! Enter some basic info here to get the protection of Homeward Bound Pet, our national microchip registry.

Homeward Bound Pet is a universal database for all microchip brands and types.  It creates the permanent link between you and your pet, however far your pet might stray.  Shelters, veterinarians, animal control centers and animal hospitals will scan your pet and look up the number in the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool.  Our 24/7 hotline number will show up (if you registered your microchip) and we will put the finder in contact with you immediately.

Additional services include a free, comprehensive guide for finding your lost pet, an online utility for printing customized "lost pet" posters and calling cards featuring a photo of your pet, and your own pet info pages online.

This option does not include a pedigree certificate.  You can register microchip and pedigree at the same time using our Best Value option.


Proven Ways to Find Your Lost Pet