Transfer Ownership and Microchip

If your pet came with a United certificate and has a microchip, you can transfer registration of both the pet and the microchip to your name here. You must also upload images of the front and back of the completed certificate.
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Please note:  Pet’s name cannot be changed.  You will receive a new certificate by mail.
About your microchip registration:
  • Any type of microchip can be registered
  • Microchip MUST be registered in order to link your lost pet back to you
  • Covered by the AAHA national Pet Microchip Lookup Tool
  • Covered by our own 24/7 lost pet hotline  
  • Your pet will be registered for life
  • Changes to your data are free of charge
  • Once registered, you can create an online account to aid in your pet's recovery at


The Small Print:  When you submit this form, you are certifying that you are the legal owner of the animal described, that all information provided is true and correct, and that you give us permission to verify that all information provided is correct.

Microchip registration will be with Homeward Bound Pet or another national registry and recovery service. Your pet's microchip will have lifetime registration and full recovery assistance if lost. Both registrations incur a fee if ownership is transferred.

We are not responsible for errors due to your misspelling. Misrepresentations on this form may result in loss of future registration privileges. We retain the right to correct or revoke any certificates. We make no warranties or representations, expressed or implied, of any kind as to any aspect of a pet or pedigree. In the event of an error in reporting the pedigree information, United All Breed Registry's liability is limited to the issuance of corrected information or a refund of your fee. We reserve the right to change all rules, fees, etc. without prior notice.